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Works in Progress

There is always a new story brewing in my head and on my computer. These manuscripts are either still in the writing stage or in the editing process. By the way, everything on this page is subject to change: titles, storylines, just everything!

Someone to Care Book 1

(Bay City Romances)

Anne Badreaux was the epitome of eccentricity. She opened her home to strangers, giving them a bed, a meal of comfort food at its best, and a warm hug before sending them on their way. When Anne dies suddenly, James Monroe, her attorney, must put into motion Anne’s last will and testament. 

Elizabeth Adams is the first of Anne's former guests to arrive and see the potential in carrying on Anne's legacy. With help from James, she discovers that the term "caregiver" can have many meanings.


(working title)

Chloe Burton and her twin brother Neal are helping move their late grandmother's belongings from Hawaii to Oregon. Ryan Cartwright, Neal's best friend, has had a crush on Chloe since they were all in high school together. Neal has recruited Ryan to work with him and Chloe for the summer before he starts graduate school. Ryan has an agenda. Chloe needs closure after a broken engagement. Will a summer filled with fireworks shows helping Neal and Chloe's Uncle Al be enough to set off a few fireworks of their own?

Pony Up
(working title)

Melanie Brooks needs a friend. Blake Andrews is hoping to be much more.

Melanie’s dad, Simon, is teaching her everything there is to know about mechanics and car restoration before he loses his battle with cancer. His parting gift to her is a classic 1966 Mustang; their last project together. But Simon can no longer do the work that once came easy and Blake may be the right man to take care of the car now and his baby girl when he’s gone.

If only Mel would cooperate!

Fair Labor
(working title)

Michelle Evans needed a job to pay off a debt left by her deceased parents, so when the owner of Fairbanks Security needed a live-in personal assistant, Michelle felt certain this job would be the answer to her prayers. Every penny she made would be used to pay off the loan.

Daniel Fairbanks spends his time navigating around his mother, sister, and ex-wife while running his latest company before his father finds a way to sabotage him...again. After two years, Daniel's persistent attempts succeed in getting Patrick McKinley to consider Fairbanks Security to completely overhaul Patrick's multi-billion dollar sporting goods empire. Daniel can't do it alone, but his last assistant quit without notice. Something about not being able to work for an ogre?

Someone to Share
Book 2
Bay City Romances

Someone to Miss
Book 3
Bay City Romances

Someone to Kiss
Book 4
Bay City Romances

Someone to Listen
Book 5
Bay City Romances

Someone to Love
Book 6
Bay City Romances

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